After you've made your video interactive, it's now time to put it live on your website.
Just like you can add other video players, you can generate an embed code for Spott's video player. You will learn how to do that in this article.

Head over to the detail page of the image of the image you want to publish on your website. 

  • Click "Share" in the top right corner of the tagger and click "Embed".

The embed modal should open. In this window you can customize parts of the video player, preview the result and generate an embed code that you can put on your website.

  • On the left side, you can adjust all the settings to tweak the videoplayer to fit the style you are looking for.
  • On the right you will see a live preview and an embed code you can easily copy.

The next steps are up to you, you can paste it on your website where you want the image to be. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need any assistance, we're happy to help! 😊

Should I embed using Javascript or Iframes?

There are two ways to embed images: with javascript or with iframes. While both give the identical results, Javascript is the preferred method because it actually puts the image on your page. This means that for Javascript:

  • Your images will load faster on your website
  • It is better for SEO (Search Engine Optimalization)
  • Your image will look better on small screens
  • It is more flexible than using big iframes, because you can add your own styling the image or video.

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