This page will show you which 3rd party video players Spott integrates with and what features are supported on every player. You can see an overview of all the supported players and learn what to do if your player is not supported yet. You can also learn more about each feature individually down below.

Supported video players per feature

Listed below are all the 3rd party video players supported by Spott.

My player is not listed

Don’t worry, we can integrate with almost every video player on the market.
To integrate your video player, it must meet these two requirements:

  1. It must be possible to hook into the following player events: play, pause, time updates and fullscreen.
  2. The video player must have good API documentation. We need to have a clear understanding of how the video player works in order to work with it.

Not sure if your player meets the requirement? No problem, please contact our support team!
Your player does meet the requirements? Great, please contact our support team as well to submit it.

Player features explained

Tracked tags

Tracked tags allow you to attach a tagged asset to stick to a visual element via AI-technology. This will highly increase product visibility. The video will subtly pause when hovering over an element, allowing the consumer to engage.
Tracked tags are supported in all video players except Anvato.

Example from 'The Devil Wears Prada' using the Spott player demonstrating tracked tags.


Cards are displayed on the top left corner of the video. This is a subtle yet effective visualization. It is especially fit for assets that are not always visible throughout the video.

Example from 'Collishop' using the Spott player demonstrating cards.


Playlists allow you to play one video after another one is done. Spott fully supports all videos in the playlist to be made interactive. This feature is only available in JW Player.

Self-hosted video

A video hosting platform allows you to upload, store and playback video content on the internet. You can use Spott to host the video for you or use a 3rd party platform. If you don’t want to be dependent on another hosting platform, you can host it yourself by providing a URL to the location. JW Player is currently the only player that supports this.

Auto overlay (CMS integration)

Auto overlay allows you to control which videos have an interactive layer, without having to replace any embed codes.
This may come in handy in case you want to turn an interactive layer on or off when it’s already embedded in your web page.
This is available for Flowplayer, Blue Billywig, Vimeo and Digiteka.

Pause interactivity

Both Anvato and JW Player allow ads to be played before and during your video. Spott supports these ads by pausing the interactive layer while the ad is playing.

Interactive Ads

When using the Anvato video player, the ad itself can be made interactive through Spott as well. 

Javascript embed

Make your player interactive with Spott by using Javascript. While using iframes works perfectly, we advise you to use Javascript because of multiple reasons: 

  • Using Javascript is easier to implement because it's better at handling sizes on your pages.
  • Another performance advantage arises when dealing with multiple Spott videos on one page, our script needs to be called just once which reduces traffic and browser load.

Embedding using Javascript works on every video player listed above.

Supported Players Reference

We currently support these 3rd party video players: (Links go to the video platform)

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