In this article, you will learn what options are available to customize the Spott video player to your needs.

You can use these parameters when your embed code is already generated. If you don't have an embed code yet, learn how to generate a video embed code.

If you are looking for a way to customize your spotts, learn more about spott styles.

As a refresher, your video embed code (using JavaScript) will probably look like this:

<script> (function(s,p,o,t,T){ T=p.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; t=p.createElement('script');t.async=1;t.src=o; T.appendChild(t); })(window,document,'');</script>

<div class="spott-video-embed" data-video-id="b94d9ae7-453c-43e6-a342-e73bf85b1957 data-theme="NORMAL" data-primary-color="#ffffff" data-hide-spott-logo="true" data-hide-shop-video="true" data-show-timeline-dots="true" data-poster-frame-type="FIRST_FRAME" data-font-color="#000000" data-auto-play="false" data-tracked-tags="false" data-align-to-video="false" style="width: 500px; max-width: 100%;"></div>

Customization options





These options are only visible when trackedTags  is set to true.

Poster image

The image that will be shown before the user clicks the play button or while the video is downloading.

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