The Spott Team is proud to present our latest update of 01/10/2019!


  • Spott Styles
  • Visual search image tagger
  • Reporting Dashboard updates
  • Bugfixes

Spott Styles

Our newest and biggest feature created this release is Spott styles. It allows you to customize the contents and actions of your spotts. Meaning in interactive videos, you can now:

  • Easily customize styling.
  • Choose what happens when users click on a spott:Open a link in a new tab (default)On page pop-upEmit a JavaScript event
  • Choose custom fields for each.
  • Use different types of visualizations by combining cards & markers with tooltips.
  • Centrally manage all styles without changing any embed codes.

Learn more about what's possible and how to use spott styles.

Visual Search image tagger

Visual Search was earlier introduced in the video tagger and is now also available on the image tagger. Meaning Spott will automatically find similar assets from your imported database and suggest them to you in the tagger.

Reporting Dashboard updates

  • Silver packages now only include a reporting overview page.
  • The date filter does not reset after switching tabs anymore.


  • Asset images now load faster on interactive videos and discover pages.
  • Removed the title tooltip that showed up when hovering over interactive videos.
  • Image impressions do not count double anymore when a Spott  <script>  is inserted twice.
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