The Spott Team is proud to present our latest update of 29/10/2019!


  • Assets release
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Assets release

This update is mainly focussed around assets. Assets offer a whole new range of flexibility. In general, it's a lot simpler to create and manage assets.

  • All Products are converted to Assets, this is to broaden the scope of objects you can make interactive. You can now use assets for other things than products, like people, information points, statistics,...
  • You can use custom fields to show values other than the name, brand, and price. You can add as many extra fields as needed. For videos, there's have full control over what information to show in cards and tooltips.
  • Custom filters make searching for your asset a lot easier. You can search on your set custom fields and a variety of selectors (is, is not, is greater than,...)
  • Support for multilingual assets can be in one single file or separate files. When multiple assets have the same id, an image embed will choose the right asset language most useful to your visitor, unless specified otherwise. This will happen in the following order:The language set in your embed code. Site language detection which is set on your webpage (not available in iframe embeds).The browser language of the user.

Learn how to add your assets to Spott.

Reporting Dashboard

  • Reporting dashboards load a lot faster! We changed the way data is loaded and optimized our data structure.
  • All data will update every 24 hours.

Minor improvements and bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug in the video tagger where you were unable to remove the bottom layer. 
  • Fixed a bug where the video would keep loading after clicking replay. 
  • Improved edge cases where the video was blurry in the beginning, it takes the best possible resolution for your screen from the start.
  • Access documentation pages from the Spott platform by clicking the "?" icon in the top right corner.
  • Fixed a bug in Visual Search when the bounding box was outside of the window. 
  • You can now sort assets on 'Name' and 'Date added’ when looking for assets.
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