When you have a big feed imported with hundreds or even thousands of assets, it can become a big hassle to find the correct asset to tag in your content.

Both video and image taggers include an object recognition feature that compares objects in your image or frame to the images of your whole product set. This powerful feature allows you to make your content interactive much faster! 

Visual search is available for images and videos. Both work the same way.

Step 1: Go to the tagger

For Video: Click on Videos and click on the video you want to tag.
For Images: Click on Images and click on the image you want to tag.

Step 2: Create a bounding box

Once you are in the tagger, create a bounding box around the object you want to search by dragging on the image or video itself.

For video: make sure to go a frame where the object you want to search for is most visible.

Step 3: Click the "Visual search" tab

When you have selected a bounding box, you will notice that a new tab Visual search has popped up in the top left corner. Click this.

Immediately, you will see your imported assets popping up which look like the region you selected.

Step 4: Click on the asset 

Now, the only thing that is left is to click on the correct asset to tag it to the bounding box. In most cases, the asset you are looking for is included in the top 4 results.  

Good to know: When you have just created a new asset or you connected a feed, it can take up to half an hour for your assets to be visible with visual search.

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