Tracked tags can be useful when an object in your video is moving. Spott supports frame-by-frame object tracking like in the example shown below.

Tracking objects step-by-step

Step 1: Open the a video in the tagger

Starting from the home page, simply click on a video to open the tagger.

Step 2: Find the object in your video

Go to the time where the object you want to tag is clearly visible.
You can do by clicking the timeline or by playing the video and pausing when you see the object.

Step 3: Select the object 

  • You can now create a bounding box around the object by dragging a square on the video viewport like shown.
  • Next change the tracking type from Static to 'Automatic'.

In the timeline, you will see a new layer appear. It will start tracking the object in your video, this process will take a few seconds. If you don't see anything appear after 1 minute, refresh the page or retry to tag it.

When this process is done, the marker and its bounding box will start to follow your object! Now all you need to do is add an asset to the bounding box and you're all done!

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