When you are an owner of the Company account, you can add and remove users.
In this article, you will learn how to add and remove a user from your company's account.

If you're looking for how to add user roles, find information about that on this page!

Going to the Company's user settings

Step 1: Go to your Settings

Find this in the top right corner. Click on the arrow next to your name and then click Settings.

Step 2: Click on Team

In the menu tabs, click Team.  Here you will find all the users that are linked to your company in Spott.

Adding users

Step 1: Find users settings

See the first two steps above on how to get to the right settings.

Step 2: Click on Invite new user

Click the button in the bottom right corner of the window "Add new user".

If you can't see this button, it means you don't have the correct role to view your company's settings. If you are the creator of your account, please contact support.

Step 3: Fill in the new user's information

Here you can enter the following information about your colleague:

Click Invite to continue.

Step 4: Let your colleague know to create an account

The user you just added will receive an email from Spott where he or she can create an account. 

Note: This e-mail is only valid for 3 days! If the user has not joined yet, you will need to invite them again.

Removing users

Step 1: Go to team settings

See the first two steps above on how to get to the right settings page.

Step 2: Click Delete user

In this overview, you will the list of users. Simply click on the 3 dots next to the user that you want to unlink from your Spott account. 

This is only possible if you are an Admin or Super admin.

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