After you have uploaded an image and made it interactive, you have the option to turn it into a GIF. This image is an example of the GIF you'll be creating.

For the following process, you need to have an interactive image already. If you don't have this yet, please follow this tutorial until the end of step 3. Afterward, you can continue with these steps. 

  • Continuing from the tagger, click on "Share" on the top right button. Click on "Generate a GIF", a modal will open.
  • Click on "Generate" to start the process. Now Spott will turn your interactive image into a rotating GIF like the example shown above.

That's it! 

The process of creating a GIF usually takes about 10 seconds. When the creation is done, the status will be changed to "Success" and you can download your image by clicking "Get Image". 

To see the current status, click the "Refresh" button or simply refresh the page.

Limitations of creating a GIF

  • There is a maximum of 10 assets you can add to one single image. If you have more, they won't be included in the GIF.
  • Unlike other export methods like an embed code, your GIF does not update automatically when you make changes in Spott. To update your GIF, you need to create a new one by duplicating the layer and generate it again.

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