When you have an interactive video or image embedded on your website, all kind of events are being logged. In this article, we’ll go through them all and explain what they mean and when they get logged. 

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There are 4 event types that get logged:

  • Image impressions / video play
  • Asset impression
  • Asset interaction
  • Asset click

Events explained into detail

Image impression / video play

An image impression is logged when the image is visible in the viewport for 1 or more pixels.

For videos this is a bit different, the event will log when a video is played. This also includes autoplay.

Asset impression

Asset impressions are logged whenever a user sees a tagged object. This means that the asset was in the viewport for 1 or more pixels.

Asset interactions

An asset interaction is logged whenever a user hovers or taps (on mobile) on a marker or card.

Asset click

Asset clicks are logged when one of your users clicks on a marker or tooltip. This counts both for the different types of click actions, being: open link in new tab, open in iframe, or trigger JS event. (Adjustable with spott styles)

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