After you've made your video interactive, it's now time to put it live on your website.
Just like you can add other video players, you can generate an embed code for Spott's video player. You will learn how to do that in this article.

Head over to the detail page of the image of the image you want to publish on your website. 

Go to the 'Share' tab and click on "Change to public"

Click "Generate embed code", a new modal will pop up. In this modal you can tweak some settings to adjust the video player to your needs. In the example shown below, we turned on "Track products as they move" to turn on tracked tags.

Click "Generate" to see a video preview on the left side of the modal. When you are done adjusting the player, simply copy the embed code from the modal.

The next steps are up to you, you can paste it on your website where you want the image to be. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need any assistance, we're happy to help!

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