When your interactive content made by Spott is live on your website, visitors start to interact with it. You'd probably want to find out how it performed? 📊 If so, perfect! We will show you how you can do that. 🙂

Where can I see the performance?

You can view your results and you can find all the available information we have about the results.
You are able to find it under the Reporting tab on the top menu. 

If you are currently logged in, you can find it by clicking this link here.

Note: the reporting dashboard is limited in the free trial.

The reporting dashboard


(Screenshot has been blurred for privacy reasons.)

On the overview page gives you a grand overview of your results. The most valuable graphs in the dashboard are the funnel and the timeline shown at the top, these graphs will give you a general impression of how well Spott performed on your website.

Detailed pages

Clicking "More details", you will be redirected to a page with additional information. You will be able to see from what country and what domain your interactions came from.

If you are using a 3rd party video player, you can also see which player generated to most interactions.

Free dashboard

If you are just trying out Spott with a free account, you will see a limited but informative version of the dashboard.

(Screenshot has been blurred for privacy reasons.)

Event types

When your user engages with your interactive image or video, 4 types of events get logged:

  • Image impressions / video play
  • Asset impression
  • Asset interaction
  • Asset Click

You can find out the meaning of these events in detail in this separate document.

Selecting a timeframe

You can use the dropdown menu on the top right to select a timeframe of your view. All graphics will update accordingly.

Alternatively, you can set a predefined timespan as shown in the image below.

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