One of the styles you can use to visualize your assets is the closet style. The style is available for both videos and images, which look like this.

You can recognize the style by the sidebar on the left with a list of assets. For videos, you can set the list to display all assets in the entire video, or a dynamic list which only shows the asset the moment it's visible in the video.

When clicking on one of the assets, you will see an overlay with more information about that asset.

Using the Closet style

Step 1: Open your media & add your assets

Open the video or image where you want the closet style to be on.

If you don't know how to do this, follow this article and return to this page after.

Step 2: Create a closet style

Select an asset and click Select under the Style tab.

Click the "+" to create a new style, now give your style a name.

Under Type, select Closet. Lastly, click Save and Apply.

While creating this style, you can set multiple parameters like the image, title and description used. You can enter a fixed text or add dynamic content, learn how to work with dynamic fields.

Step 3: Select a style for your asset

Now select the asset you want to show with the closet style. Click Select in the style pane and select the style you've just created in the previous step.

Repeat this step for all assets if needed.

Step 4: Preview your result!

Congratulations, you are done! You check out what you've made by clicking Preview & Publish and then Embed & Share.

Pro Tip: For interactive videos, you can customize the order of the product appearance below the timeline by dragging the assets in the order you want them to appear.

For interactive images, please bear in mind that tagging the products in a reverse order will indicate the order of appearance.

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